Why build with CCS?

Selecting the right custom system builder is important. Custom builders need experience with components that work seamlessly together while meeting the demands their user places upon them with as little maintenance as possible. Conroe Computer Services has 30 years of system building experience for both commercial and entertainment use. Our friendly technicians will work with you through any support issue you may encounter.

How do we build your system?

We build our systems for longevity and to comply with the warranty specifications for each component. We do not overclock systems or try to increase the performance of components beyond their specified operating parameters. This ensures your CCS custom built system will operate for years to come.

At CCS we do not sell systems. We Build Systems. We help you select components based on your needs. Then we assemble the components and load your requested software. We will bill you for the exact cost of your components and email you a copy of our original purchase invoices. We then charge you for our assembly and testing services.