keyCache - Secure Group Account Credentials Management

Manage your websites and account information from anywhere with keyCache!

Have you had trouble managing your login information for the large number of websites you access for your business? How about securely sharing that information with select staff in your office? What about when you need access to that information while on the go?

If you have asked yourself any of those questions, then we have the perfect answer. keyCache allows you to keep your personal or business account information in one place, secure, synchronized and available anywhere. You can even search notes, categories and subjects to find the information you are looking for!

keyCache Features

  • Secure Password, Note and Account Storage
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Use on Phone, Tablet or PC
  • Works on 10-Year-Old PCs
  • Works with Any Operating System
  • Add Users for Administration
  • Easy Search by Subject, Notes and Category
  • Always in Sync Between Users
  • Simple to Use
  • No Installation Required

keyCache Purchase Information

There are multiple ways to purchase keyCache. keyCache can be hosted online so it is available to you from anywhere in the world or you can use the Enterprise version to host keyCache on your own private network.

keyCache is available in three versions.

Our Free, companion version of keyCache is included with a subscription plan or enterprise purchase of any of our liteW8 applications! Once you have purchased one of our applications you will recieve a link to setup your free keyCache account! The companion version of keyCache is perfect for single users, families or small businesses!

Our commercial hosted version of keyCache comes with a private hosted database just for your company. Our commercial version of keyCache is built for sharing secure information with specific employees within your organization but is great for other uses and departments! Get your commercial subscription of keyCache for just $4.99 per month or receive two months free when you purchase our annual subscription for just 49.95!

For large clients, or high security businesses we offer our Enterprise LAN version. Able to support up to 5000 employees and installed on your private server by your own IT staff, our Enterprise version enables corporate businesses to house all their keyCache data in one secure location. Our Enterprise Version is available for a one-time charge of $199.99 per location. An additional 1-year support agreement is required.